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Neighbourhood Reports

We at Abacus recognise that buying a new house is a stressful time. We can assist you to purchase with confidence with our Neighbourhood reports.

Abacus will provide a detailed bespoke report on the area surrounding your new house, including but not limited to, Neighbour enquiries, Travel Links, Parking Issues, Services and Amenities, Crime rates and any individual concerns you may raise.

We will attend at pre-agreed "crunch" times, for example in an Urban area between 2300 and 0200 on a Saturday night, to assess any localised problems from Pub/Club turnout, parking vandalism, noise pollution and so on.

Abacus use only our own trained and vetted agents, who have a good local knowledge base to compile these reports. We are very aware that each individual case has its own characteristics and strive to adapt as required, we do not believe in a "one size fits all" philosophy. This approach gives you the customer complete confidence in the information provided by us, and allows you to make a more reasoned decision in your choice of location.

Local Investigation
We carry out discreet local enquiries to ascertain whether there are any local concerns that may not be reflected in official figures

Peace of Mind
Our reports will help you to achieve Peace of Mind when making a life changing decision to move. We can assist with easing one of the most stressful decisions to be made.
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