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The world of technology, particularly in relation to mobile telephones has moved on dramatically in the past few years. Telephones are able to do more and more, not just calling, but e-mailing, texting, photographing, using the internet and so on.

Accordingly they have become a greater medium of deception and avoidance than ever before. Our professional forensic investigators can examine any make and model of telephone, and uncover its secrets. Even deleted messages can be retrieved in many cases, and the evidence uncovered used to confirm your fears, or put your mind at rest.

As the technology has moved on, so have our detection and intervention methods, and even we are constantly surprised at the amount and detail of the information that we recover. This service can be used by either individual or corporate clients, within the legal parameters enshrined in British law. We can advise you on this issue and offer a solution to your problems.

There are opportunities to "track" telephones, of particular interest to Parents who are worried about their childs welfare and associations. Again we would be pleased to advise you prior to any action being taken.

Whatever the problem, do nt be put off by a fear of technology, we at Abacus are waiting to help, and will explain things in "jargon" free language, enabling you to make the best decision for your particular circumstances. For more details on this service or any other services we offer, please contact us on 01892 506 978.
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